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Bossier High
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2/13/18 4:17 PM
2/13/18 4:17 PM
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Contact Robert Batchelor  Robert Batchelor (318) 549-6976 Teacher - BSVLA
Contact Pat Becker  Pat Becker (318) 549-6713 Teacher, English II & Creative Writing; Co-Sponsor, Sophomore Class
Contact David Beeson  David Beeson Teacher
Contact Caren Bennett  Caren Bennett (318) 549-6720 Teacher
Contact Nick Bohanan  Nick Bohanan Teacher
Contact Joshua Bryan  Joshua Bryan (318) 549-6748 Environmental Sci., Biology, Anatomy, Physical Sci.
Contact Michael Concilio  Michael Concilio (318) 549-6762 Civics Teacher/Head Football
Contact David Cook  David Cook Teacher
Contact Christa Denney  Christa Denney (318) 549-6710 CTE Teacher/Athletic Coordinator
Contact Karrie Docter  Karrie Docter (318) 549-6717 Teacher, Sophomore Class sponsor, SADD sponsor
Contact Michelle Doolittle  Michelle Doolittle (318) 549-6723 Teacher - BSLVA
Contact Jessica Douglas  Jessica Douglas Teacher
Contact Natalie Dubois  Natalie Dubois (318) 549-6725 Teacher
Contact Jennifer Duplantis  Jennifer Duplantis (318) 549-6744 Teacher
Contact Valerie Evans  Valerie Evans (318) 549-6708 Teacher
Contact Gayla Fowler  Gayla Fowler (318) 549-6706 Teacher- BSVLA
Contact Cil Guerrero  Cil Guerrero (318) 549-6734 Department of Mathematics, Cheerleader Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, Credit R
Contact Sharon Hahn  Sharon Hahn (318) 549-6731 Teacher
Contact Chris Hand  Chris Hand Teacher
Contact Brian Harvey  Brian Harvey (318) 549-6752 Art Teacher/Baseball Coach
Contact Kevin Hastie  Kevin Hastie Teacher
Contact Emily Hilligoss  Emily Hilligoss (318) 549-6711 English Department
Contact James Holland  James Holland (318) 549-6722 Teacher
Contact James Johnston  James Johnston (318) 549-6754 Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
Contact Evelyn Jones  Evelyn Jones (318) 549-6743 Teacher, Lead , Sponsor LEO Club
Contact Heather Lechtenberg  Heather Lechtenberg Teacher
Contact Kristy McElroy  Kristy McElroy Teacher
Contact Steven Miramontz  Steven Miramontz (318) 549-6740 Teacher, Math Department Chair
Contact Rahkeem Mitchell  Rahkeem Mitchell Teacher
Contact Jacob Moak  Jacob Moak Teacher
Contact Trina Moore  Trina Moore (318) 549-6724 Teacher, Family and Consumer Science
Contact Macie Mosley  Macie Mosley (318) 549-6712 English Teacher
Contact Tiffany Newman  Tiffany Newman (318) 549-6709 Teacher
Contact Robin Nichols  Robin Nichols (318) 549-6719 CTE/Business Department Head; Facilitator, Credit Recovery; Media/Publications
Contact Samantha Parker  Samantha Parker (318) 549-6701 ex: 102 ELA Teacher
Contact Colene Pipes  Colene Pipes (318) 549-6716 Teacher, AP English Lang & Lit, Yearbook
Contact James Polk  James Polk Teacher
Contact Marco Reyes  Marco Reyes (318) 549-6735 Mathematics -Algebra 1 and Geometry
Contact Cherise Sims  Cherise Sims Teacher
Contact Stacy Smith  Stacy Smith (318) 549-6697 Librarian; Senior Class Sponsor
Contact Michael Stacy  Michael Stacy (318) 549-6746 Dept. Chair - Biology, Human Anatomy, AP Env. Sci., Honors Physical Science
Contact Angie Stephenson  Angie Stephenson Teacher
Contact Gene Strogen  Gene Strogen Teacher
Contact Brenda Teal  Brenda Teal (318) 549-6736 Department Chair & Teacher, Mathematics-Geometry, Geometry Honors & Alg. II Ho
Contact Clint Walker  Clint Walker (318) 549-6749 Environmental Science Teacher/ Asst. Football and Head Boys Track
Contact Greta Whitlock  Greta Whitlock Teacher
Contact LaTonya Williams  LaTonya Williams (318) 549-6695 Teacher
Contact Allen Wood  Allen Wood (318) 549-6739 Math Teacher, Asst. Football Coach, Head Girls Soccer Coach