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School Resource Officers

Bossier Sheriff SRO Program

The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office views the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program as an opportunity to continue the strong partnership with the Bossier Parish School District and to provide a safe working and learning environment for teachers, support staff, administrators, and students at Bossier High School.  As a result of this relationship, we will be better equipped to identify and address the needs and concerns of Bossier High School students.


Bossier High School’s SROs remain a visible law enforcement presence on campus to deter, prevent and respond to crime.  They also work closely with administrators on law-related matters, assist with school safety needs and serve as a vital link to other emergency personnel during critical incidents.


Furthermore, Bossier High School’s SROs serve as informal advisors and conflict mediators to students.  Students are encouraged to seek advice from the SROs so that issues can be addressed in a positive, trusting atmosphere before they develop into more serious problems.  Deputy Josh Cagle and Deputy Adam Edwards are available on a daily basis to meet with students, parents and staff.

Seal of Bossier Sheriff s Office

Dep. Cagle

Deputy Josh Cagle

Bossier High SRO

Contact Josh Cagle  Josh Cagle (318) 549-6688 School Resource Officer

Deputy Cagle may be reached in his office at (318) 549-6688.

Email address:

Dep Adam Edwards

Deputy Adam Edwards Bossier High SRO

Deputy Edwards may be reached in his office at (318) 549-6705.

Email address: