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30-Step Drill Sequence



Note:  The drill sequence is led and performed by second year cadets.


  1. Fall in                                        
  2. Open ranks march              
  3. Ready front                             
  4. Close ranks march                      
  5. Present arms                    
  6. Order arms                            
  7. Parade rest                       
  8. Attention                          
  9. Left face                             
  10. About face                             
  11. Forward march                       
  12. Right flank march                      
  13. Left flank march                         
  14. Column right march                    
  15. Forward march
  16. To the rear march
  17. To the rear march
  18. Column right march
  19. Forward march
  20. Eyes right
  21. Ready Front
  22. Column right march
  23. Forward march
  24. Change step march
  25. Column right march
  26. Forward march
  27. Flight halt
  28. Left face
  29. Right step march
  30. Flight halt